Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why I use the Internet=Tareg Ahmed

I use the Internet for different reasons. I use it for many types of entertainments like chatting and watching good programs. I also use it for chatting, watching videos, listening to music, and playing games. I sometimes read news and other materials in arts and cultures. When I want to know any information about anything, I use the Internet. Like most people, I use it more than I read newspapers or watch TV channels. Sometimes I go for social networks, forums and video services like Youtube. Moreover, people should know that the Internet is a very dangerous place. Those people do not know there are spying software, warms, and viruses. I take care of this by using good anti virus on my computer. The Internet is my life!

Why I use the Internet=Wael Osama No.32

The internet is the network that links the world together. Today, the Internet is very important in our life. When I want to get information about any thing like(math, science, biology, sport, news, etc.),I go to the Internet. I can get it in seconds. I love to see things for sale online.In Sudan we cannot easily buy or sell any products online. We don't have credit cards.I also use the Internet to learn other languages and improve my knowledge. Also I play free game. There are many search engines that help me to search for the information I need. Moreover, the Internet connects people in different countries.I send emails to my friends and chat with them by Skype or Yahoo Messenger. All my friends, and I too, watch movies, download and upload files, design our own website. I am so glad because the Internet helps me to know friends and students like me from other parts of the world. I hope to show my country (SUDAN) to the whole world through the Internet.

Why do I use the Internet=Amer

The Internet can be used for lots of things. I use it to read scientific researches, news and journals. I use it also to stay communicated with friends, by audio or video email, chat with them and even know new friends from other parts of the world. It is the most important tool for communication. I use it also to read all the kinds of news in the world in just seconds. Also I use it for downloading and uploading games, files and music. I think the Internet is important for us because its helps us in lots of things

Why do I use the Internet=Hosam

I use the Internet for a lot of things, like downloading and uploading files of sounds or picture or the both of them. Also ,I use it to search about information, news. The Internet connects the people all around the world. Beside that, if you have email you can send or receive messages from your friends or relatives. Also the internet is one of the ways of the amusement because you can make conversation with a lot of people around the world and you can make friendship with them. The Internet is useful for me so I cannot live without it.

Why do I use the Internet?

This academic year( 2008-2009) I promised myself not to involve in any online work with my students because I want to work on full speed on my PhD.As usual, I couldn't resist my students requests that they want to have their writing to be published online. They want to use the Internet, as they put it down.When I read that there is a project with other students, I told them, they wrote their first topic and here there are!This is comes as part of their "Year's Work" Assignments. The rest of the class submit theirs on paper.The topic title is 'Why do you use the Internet?"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why do I use the Internet=Mohamed Ali

The internet makes life easier for me. With the Internet, I stay in touch with my family inside or outside Sudan. I use it to send photographs of me to my friends. The Internet helps me in my study in searching for information for my homework and assignments. I can take what I need very quickly and safely.
I can download or upload to any data. The Internet always shows me any area in the world that I dream to visit one day.I listen to music and I watch sport games often. If I like any movie star, I can use the Internet to send him or her message. I can even talk with him. If not for the Internet, I would have seen the world!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008